International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, 11/23/2019

FCC Contemplates 988 as New National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 08/15/2019

See story here: The Hill

National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) Offers Much Support

Visit NAMI today and discover how to connect with local mental health resources. 

Help for Siblings!


"The main goal of Sib4Sib is to provide a safe space for siblings to express their emotions and be around other people who understand what they are living with every day. In addition to providing an outlet and support system, Sib4Sib helps siblings to develop skills for dealing with their built up emotions and strategies for dealing with the everyday challenges of living with a sibling with mental health concerns." Visit today or call  (248) 215-2451.


The Recovery Village - Mental Health

Are you a teen or know of a teen in crisis?

Next Generation Village assists adolescents struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions

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