new children's book for a struggling mental health era

Ethan’s Healthy Mind Express Train Book

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JUV039050  JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Emotions & Feelings 

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"What  a wonderfully poignant book for a time in which those who are truly  most vulnerable could benefit so greatly. The simplicity of the story's  moral, plus the catchiness of the rhyming message is the perfect tandem  for teaching our youth that it's O.K. to sometimes be scared or act  differently, but still never give up hope for what the future may  ultimately bring."

-- Michigan State Senator Michael MacDonald, MBA, DHA

Grades K-5:  ***Rhyming with Brilliant Illustrations***

The Healthy Mind Express is the First Children's Mental Health Primer. It was created to take readers on a journey that will promote better mental health. Its lessons teach us how to accept Atypicals in our culture and embrace meeting their needs. Atypicals are the fastest growing demographic within the U.S. educational system. Come aboard Engine 403 with Rena, Evan, Leah, Jesse, Hannah, Josh and Max who struggle with various mental health challenges as they travel through the social spheres of influence including family, faith, friends, school and community. The book also provides tips to avoid the dark web and areas of the Internet that can lead to isolation or danger. With Ethan's Engine 403 Express guiding the way, the journey takes them safely to their final destination, a world where they are encouraged to keep moving positively forward without looking back because it’s not just the train, it’s really the track. 

By Emily Lane Waszak and Erik Bean (Ethan's dad)

Editor: Sherry Wexler

Illustrations by Gail Gorske

Jacket Design by Chris Calabrese

ISBN: 978-0-692-03655-6

  • 40 pages

  • Rhyming 

  • Teacher Lesson Plan Access


  • 8.5 x 8.5 

  • Perfect Bound (Glossy Softcover)

  • Full Color Hand-Crafted Illustrations


© 2019 Ethan Bean Mental Wellness Foundation

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 "Ethan's Healthy Mind Express is a great mental health primer for elementary school children. It introduces the concepts of social support, seeking help from others with confronting challenging thoughts and feelings, and avoiding pitfalls such as internet sites which provide incorrect or malicious information. Ethan's Healthy Mind Express will help teachers, parents, family and friends start the conversation with children who may be struggling, helping them to stay 'on track.'"  

--  Ryan Rominger, Ph.D., LCPC-PIT 

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"Ethan’s Healthy Mind Express invites us to ride a train pulled by Engine 403. Why Engine 403? The double entendre of '403' is meaningful, potentially disturbing, and yet hopeful. 403 is the Internet code for 'Forbidden access' – blocking or warning us from entering sites that may be disturbing or may take us to our own darkest places. Conversely, 403 has been referred to as an 'Angel number' that encourages and reassures us we can cope with the difficulties we face, others will help us, and we should help others as well. Ethan’s Healthy Mind Express is timely for many people – children and adults -- in light of the staggering, recent rise in youth suicide and mental health problems. Sadly, it is not timely enough for Ethan, the talented and unique individual whose premature death inspired this important book. 

The authors have created an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand children’s book to help us realize we need to be sensitive to each other and to reach out to one another, asking, giving, and receiving social support and kindness. The rhyming scheme provides a gentle, melodic foundation for Engine 403 and its passengers to travel smoothly along. Each page of the book can be a mini-story itself to help readers and listeners connect with the varied characters. The authors deserve our gratitude for this unique book. We all need to get aboard Ethan’s Healthy Mind Express.."

-- Neil E. Grunberg, Ph.D.

Professor of Military & Emergency Medicine, Medical & 

Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD


“Kids who are anxious, depressed, or who have the characteristics of ADHD or ASD (autism spectrum disorder) can really struggle. It can be hard growing up with the accompanying feelings and experiences. I'm pleased to see a children’s book addressing mental health, and reminding kids that there are safe people to talk to when their feelings are too big for comfort.”  

Judith E. Lipson, M.A., LPC 

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Former Special Educator 

Spiral Wisdom LLC

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more on ethan's story to follow:

How was Ethan Raised?

They say it takes a village to raise a child

How was he diagnosed?

And how did he respond to treatments and medications?

Did Ethan have symptoms your child might have?

While no child's symptoms are identical, Ethan's uniqueness provides one view on how mental illness can be difficult to treat.

While Ethan had many positive characteristics, such as creative, innovative, smart, inquisitive, and passionate, he struggled to make friends and he also exhibited:

  • Impulsiveness 
  • Bi-Polar
  • High Functioning Autism
  • Explosive Child Syndrome
  • Issues with Perception of Time
  • Erratic Sleeping Habits
  • Rarely Took Advice
  • Rarely Took Compliments
  • Little Fear
  • Struggled to Compromise
  • Identified More With Adults Than His Peers
  • Was on Prescribed Psychiatric Medications 
  • Difficult for Multiple Behavioral Specialist to  Pinpoint An Accurate Diagnosis Substantiated by All

Nobody Likes a Bully with Ethan Bean

Ethan accomplished quite a bit in 17 years. Aside from his saxophone playing, including earning his freshman letter in band, he also contributed to a local rap music initiative. At age 10 Ethan performs two break dances in this 2012 rap music video at 1.42 and 2.44.  The message, bullying comes in many societal forms.