One Ending leading to new beginnings

On August 24th, 2018 Ethan took his life. After several months of working with a number of suicide survivors, Erik and Stacey Bean began to think about their son's legacy in a world where mental illness is on the rise and few regimented treatment programs are available.  They formed the Ethan Bean Mental Wellness Foundation in the summer of 2019 almost a year after his death. Their goal to share Ethan's legacy, his struggles and his magnificent smile. Their hope is that Ethan's voice will never end and instead be heard by all as it serves to lead a conversation about mental health advocacy in the community, in schools, among religions, legislation, in institutions, in private practice, and at home. Our first contribution is a children's book (available 11/23/2019 < National Suicide Survivor's Day) dubbed Ethan's Healthy Mind Express: A Children's First Mental Health Primer. Proceeds from the book will be used to sponsor other educational initiatives at schools throughout 2020. The goals: 

1). To educate elementary school aged children about mental health 

2). To help remove childhood stigmas and stereotypes about mental health 

3). To set an early positive tone for avoiding misleading information on the Internet 

4). To enable children to seek out healthy support systems, in order to decrease their dependence on the Internet

5). To motivate government to become more involved in the mental wellness of our children and monitor public schools, juvenile correction facilities, and emergency responders within communities


Michigan 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  

Ethan poses at Lake of the Clouds State Park, Michigan, August 2018.

Ethan poses at Lake of the Clouds State Park, Michigan, August 2018.